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Title: a convenient Marriage - səhifə 6

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"Very good. Now - sit in that chair. You should be able to have a good view of the proceedings from there," Lucius said.

Snape's eyes met Harry's and he made a short jerking motion with his head. Harry, guessing that he wanted Harry to draw Lucius' attention for a moment, jerked at the bindings on his hands as if trying to get free.

Lucius turned his head briefly to glare at him. "Impatient, my pet? I'll be with you in a moment. But first," he said, turning his attention back to Snape who was quietly sitting in the chair, his arms on the chair arms, "I have some loose ends to tie up." He flicked his wand and thin cords immediately lashed Snape's arms to the chair. Satisfied, Lucius turned his attention back to Harry, but Harry caught the gleam of candlelight on a small blade under Snape's arm, and was filled with hope.

"Now, my dear Harry, it is time to take care of you." Lucius waved his wand as he released the knife, and it hovered in the air above Harry's head, point down. "Did you know that you and Severus have something in common as far as I am concerned?" he asked, circling the bed and watching his prey with a gleam in his eye. He waved his wand again and the rope binding Harry's legs disappeared. "I was his first lover, and I will be your last."

"Ah, I thought he must have had an appallingly bad lover before me," Harry said mockingly. "Considering he had no idea of the right way to treat his partner when we first got married."

Snape frowned slightly but Harry ignored him. There was time to remedy Snape's hurt pride later - if they survived. He concentrated on Lucius who was glaring at him, and said, "Thought that you just shoved it in there and pounded away. No finesse, no style. You'll be glad to know that he's vastly improved, although I doubt you have."

"Shut. Up," Lucius said from between clenched teeth as he stood beside the bed, fists clenched.

"The last time we made love, it was so good, so intense, I passed right out from the pleasure of it." Harry looked up at Lucius and cocked his head slightly. "When was the last time you made someone faint during sex - and pain doesn't count."

"I'm warning you..." Lucius growled as he crawled up on the bed.

"Is that why Narcissa left you?" Harry asked, affecting deep interest in the subject. "What do you think, Sev?"

"Well, there were rumours in Death eater circles that she was so unsatisfied at home, she'd sleep with just about anyone. Even MacNair."

"That's a lie!" Lucius snapped, and started to turn towards Snape, wand in hand.

Harry saw that Snape was stealthily cutting at his bonds, and knew he had to focus Lucius' attention back on him. "Of course, with a prick that size, I'm not surprised. Have you ever thought about an enlargement spell? They're not that difficult to learn, you know. Or a potion - I expect Sev could whip you up one."

"As you young people say," Snape said blandly, and Harry could see he had one hand free and was working on the other, " 'Been there, done that'."

"Shut up, shut up!" Lucius snapped, roughly pushing Harry's legs apart so he could settle between them. "I can't do this with all the racket you two are making!"

"Performance anxiety?" Harry said solicitously. "I can understand how that might be a problem. Here - let me help." He brought up his foot and kicked, fast and hard, right into his would-be rapist's naked genitals, then quickly threw all his weight in a roll to his right side.

Lucius gasped and fell sideways on the bed, curled into a protective knot around his abused prick. Released from his control, the knife plunged, point first, and embedded itself into the mattress behind Harry's head. Snape was across the room, almost before it landed. He snatched up the knife and used it to sever the ropes binding Harry's hands, then threw it aside and pulled Harry into his arms.

"Are you all right?" Snape demanded, nearly crushing Harry with his hug. "Are you hurt?"

"I'm fine," Harry gasped. "Could use - a little air - "

Snape abruptly released him, whirling around to snatch up Lucius' wand. The blond man was still writhing on the bed in obvious agony, and a cruel smile touched Snape's lips. "Well, Lucius, you certainly made a cock-up of this. Didn't you pay attention in your rape lessons to the part about subduing your victim?"


Snape ignored Harry, his attention completely focused on Lucius, and his eyes hardened. Harry saw Lucius' death in those eyes, but at the moment, he thought that Malfoy was in too much agony to care.

"It is fortunate for you," Snape said, his voice soft and deadly, "that the Aurors will be here shortly, or I would kill you right now for daring to touch what is mine. And I would advise you to pray that you get sent to Azkaban. It is the only thing that will prevent me from taking your miserable life."

There was the sound of running feet outside, and several wizards burst into the room. Snape turned back to Harry, pulled off his cloak, and quickly wrapped it around the naked man. Harry's lips twitched at the possessiveness of the action and he murmured, "My hero."

Snape glared at him, then suddenly touched the back of Harry's head. "You're bleeding," he said in a flat voice.

"Just a scratch," Harry assured him. "When the knife came down."

Snape's eyes widened with alarm, and he stood up, pulling Harry with him. "I'll take you to St. Mungo's - "

"Severus," Harry said firmly, grasping his lover's face so that he could have his full attention. "I'm fine. I just need to go home, all right?"

Snape looked over at the Aurors who were securing the naked and still writhing Lucius Malfoy. "Do you need either of us any further?"

The lead Auror shook his head. "We can file the initial reports, Professor. We'll report that Mr. Potter was being restrained against his will, and Mr. Malfoy's condition speaks for his intentions. When Mr. Potter's recovered a bit from his ordeal, he can pop over to the Ministry to file a complaint, but we've got enough to hold Mr. Malfoy till then." He held out Harry's green robe. "Found this downstairs, sir. From the description of the waiter, we thought it might be Mr. Potter's."

"Thanks," Harry said, and checked that the wand was still in place.

Snape fetched his own wand from under the bed, then snapped Lucius' wand with great satisfaction and handed the pieces to the Aurors. He took Harry in his arms and said, "Let's go home." Chapter 11

They Apparated onto the back terrace, and Harry looked up at the house, feeling overwhelmingly happy to be home again. The house- elves were overjoyed to see both of them, and fussed over Harry as he sat on the sitting room couch, bringing him food and drink while Snape silently cleaned and treated the graze along the back of his head. After eating half of a sandwich and drinking a glass of juice, Harry assured them that he was full, and they finally left him in peace.

Harry sighed and turned to see that Snape was sitting on the other end of the couch, watching him. There was an intense look in his eyes that made Harry's heart start to beat faster.

"Well, Mr. Potter," Snape said dryly. "It would appear that you have completely suborned my house-elves, as well as appropriating my garden and disrupting my household."

Harry grinned at him. "It's a gift," he said, and reached out to pull Snape closer.

Snape resisted, and there was an oddly unsure look on his face again. "Harry, about what happened the other night.... I received the impression from your letters that - is there a possibility that you forgive me?"

Harry smiled. "Nothing to forgive, unless you don't intend to repeat that performance." Harry leaned closer and murmured in Snape's ear, "You were incredible." He was amused to see the normally cool and collected Potion master's cheeks redden, and pulled Snape closer. This time he didn't resist, and Harry said, "And I've been reading that book, too."

"You have?" Snape asked, and Harry could feel the heat rising from his lover's body.

"Mmm-hmm." He nipped at his lover's earlobe. "Is this a good time to tell you that I've moved into your bedroom as well?"

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Have you? May I inquire why?"

Harry shrugged. "Seemed pointless to have separate bedrooms when we're going to be sharing a bed every night."

"Are we?" Snape asked, wrapping his arms around Harry. "Seems a bit presumptuous on your part."

"Oh, it's worse than that," Harry said sadly. "I'm afraid I'm going to be a very demanding lover. You'll need a potion to keep up with me." Snape turned his head and captured Harry's lips, kissing him with an intensity that made Harry's toes curl and stole his breath away. "Or not," he panted when Snape finally released him.

"I suppose I could accustom myself to your continuous presence in my bed," Snape said, drawing Harry up from the couch and leading him toward the stairs.

Harry slid an arm around his lover's waist as they started up. "Besides, I have plans for my former bedroom."

Snape raised an eyebrow. "If you intend to invite your infernal godfather to make his home here, I'm putting my foot down."

"No, although I expect we'll have him and Remus over often. They're good with children and we'll need babysitters," Harry said placidly. "We will need a nursery, though. After all, I have the Potter family line to restore, not to mention the obligatory Snape heir."

Snape stopped in the hallway and turned toward Harry. "Harry, if this is about Malfoy and that potion..."

Harry shook his head. "No, I've actually been thinking about it for the past two weeks, and it's something I want to do. I've always wanted to be part of a family, a real family. And," he said, leaning closer to nip at his lover's earlobe, "since tomorrow is my birthday..."

Snape smirked. "You fancy getting knocked up for your present, is that it?" Harry grinned and nodded. "I believe I could manage to oblige. The potion should be effective for another forty hours. However," he said, leading Harry into his bedroom, "I have other plans for tonight."

"You do?" Harry asked, surprised.

Snape stopped by his bed - their bed - and once more turned to take Harry in his arms. "I do. I want you to make love to me."

"You mean..." Harry swallowed. "You want me to top?"

Snape leaned in to nuzzle Harry's neck. "You appeared to be enjoying yourself immensely last time, and why should you have all the fun?"

Harry didn't need to be asked twice.

Unlike the frenzied coupling the other night, this time their lovemaking was slow and deliberate. Clothes were slowly discarded and skin worshipped as it was exposed. Kisses were exchanged, building in intensity as their passion increased. Hands stroked and prodded, soothed and enticed. Murmured endearments mixed with muttered obscenities, while hot flesh rubbed together in sweat-soaked ecstasy.

As Harry slid into the overwhelming heat of his lover's body, he thought he would die from the sheer bliss of it. There had never been anything so intense, so perfect, and he thought that he would willingly remain like this for the rest of his life. He looked down into his lover's face as he slowly rocked them both towards completion, marvelling at the pleasure mirrored in those dark eyes, the ecstasy softening the sharp features. Snape's head was thrown back, exposing his throat to Harry's kisses, and as Harry took advantage of the offer, he could feel his lover convulsing under him. It was enough to pull Harry's own release from him, and he buried his face against Snape's neck as he gasped and shuddered.

"I love you, Harry."

It was little more than a whisper, but to Harry it might as well have been shouted. He lifted his head and stared down into his lover's face, and was overwhelmed by what he saw there. Gently, he kissed Snape's lips and smiled.

"I love you, too."

Snape's arms wrapped around him, pulling him down to rest on his chest, and Harry went willingly. There were things still to resolve, plans to be made, but for now he was content to rest, secure within the arms of love.

The terrace was overflowing with chattering, happy people, spilling onto the grass and the gardens. Harry ruefully surveyed the damage and was thankful that he hadn't started the spring planting yet, occupied as he had been by other things. What Snape would say about the "rampaging" through his gardens was predictable, but after a year of marriage, Harry knew a few ways to divert his ire. Some of them didn't even require a bed, he thought with a grin.

He adjusted the bundle in his arms and glanced back into the house. The dining room tables groaned under the weight of the food piled on them, and the front hall now sported a fountain from which champagne punch flowed. Pippa and Toby moved between the guests with trays of goodies, nearly beside themselves with joy at the opportunity to stuff more people to bursting.

Harry looked into his den as he passed, and was amused although not surprised to find that Arthur Weasley was regaling several other wizards with the wonders of Muggle "tellyfision", while another group of wizards were clustered around Harry's Quidditch gear, discussing the pros and cons of various brooms. He quickly moved past them, not wanting to be drawn into either loud discussion at the moment.

He wandered down the path towards the west field where blankets and chairs had been scattered for their guests to make themselves comfortable, and smiled in amusement at a group of children who were clustered around Sirius as he attempted to show them how to fly a kite. Sirius was clearly in his element, and Remus was lying on a blanket nearby, laughing at his lover's antics.

"Well, Harry," said a familiar voice from behind him. "You seem to have done quite well, all things considered."

Harry turned to smile at Hermione and nodded. "Not too bad - no major catastrophes, at any rate."

"I meant you," she said, reaching out to touch his cheek. "I don't think I've ever seen you look so happy."

His smile widened but he said, "You should have been here two weeks ago," he said. "I wasn't nearly so happy then."

"We heard," Ron said, joining them and slipping an arm around Hermione. "Sirius says you were calling Snape every name in the book."

"And then some," Harry agreed. "It was worth it, though," he said, looking down affectionately at the baby sleeping in his arms. As if aware of his father's perusal, the infant stirred and woke, letting out a lusty cry of unhappiness.

"All right," Snape said crossly, materializing at his husband's side. "What did you do to set him off this time?"

"I looked at him."

"Well, that explains it," Snape said, reaching for his son. In a matter of seconds, he had the baby tucked in the crook of his arm, snuffling quietly as he sucked on the tip of his father's finger. "Honestly, Potter, if you can't handle a child any better than this, you shan't be allowed to have more." He walked off towards a contingent of Hogwarts teachers with the now-content baby.

"Promises, promises," Harry called after him, then turned back to his friends. Hermione looked like she was in mild shock, while Ron was grinning broadly.

"Now, that I had to see to believe."

Harry linked arms with his friends and began slowly strolling after his spouse and child. "He's actually very good with the baby. I think it's because they're so much alike - Nathan definitely inherited the Snape genes."

Ron shuddered. "There's a frightening thought."

"Remember a year ago, Harry?" Hermione asked. "I thought you were going to wear a hole in the floor, pacing back and forth like that. I don't know whether you were more relieved or terrified when you found out Snape had won."

"Both," Harry admitted. "I thought it was the worst day of my life, that my life was ruined and nothing would ever be the same again."

"It isn't the same," Ron pointed out. "You're living in this house in the country instead of a flat in town, you're married with a baby instead of living the single life, and you're no longer playing Quidditch. It isn't the same at all."

Harry looked around at the assembled crowd - his friends, their families, his teachers and classmates from Hogwarts, his former team- mates, Neville, his partner in his new herb growing business - all of whom had come to help them celebrate their first anniversary and the birth of their child. He looked at Sirius, now buried under a laughing pile of children, and thought how he had risked his godson's love to secure his life. He looked over at Dumbledore who was beaming down into his new godson's face, and remembered how the Headmaster had said that everything would work out for the best. He looked at his husband, scowling with mock-irritation at Dumbledore at the moment, but almost visibly radiating contentment. And he looked at his son, wiggling in his husband's arms wearing a similar look of irritation, already so dear to both of them.

"No, it isn't," Harry said, and let out a deep sigh of contentment. "It's better."


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