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Rudi TOERIEN personally told the author that he had put together SUNROCK and that it was a Military Project. He also mentioned that he had worked for MI and Jurg JACOMED of the Swiss Intelligence Services and that JACOMED had assisted him with Sunrock. He mentioned that Magnus MALAN, Chris STALS (Annexure 13 -questionnaire from CEIX given to a source of the author showing CIEX is involved with SASS in investigations, Annexure 14 - Newspaper article confirming CIEX involvement with SASS), Danie CRONJE (See Annexure 7) and Barend DU PLESSIS were personally involved and that he had met them on various occasions. TOERIEN was also the person who had put together the structure regarding Project ODESA (Figure 4).

There is evidence that gold was smuggled out of the country in large quantities. One incident to evidence that there were people smuggling gold out of the country was with the arrest of Willem LOTTER at Lanseria airport with about 117kg of amalgam.
The pilot was Deon KRUGER. Both of them were observed through a NIA project at "DIE WERF" by people like Dr. Neil BARNARD, former Director General of National Intelligence Service (NIS) and Admiral Dries PUTTER. "DIE WERF" is apparently a known gathering point of the EAG, which is also the reason for NIA to monitor "DIE WERF". According to some informed people in the case against LOTTER, it was mentioned that he would get off. They also mentioned that high profile ANC members were involved, including Cyril RAMAPHOSA, Tokyo SEXWALE and Thabo MBEKI. It is interesting that with the recent arrest of Ivan KHOSA, that the gold and diamond issue was mentioned. The reaction was typical of the three monkeys, “see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil”.
Apparently, the amalgam/gold is transported through ZAMBIA, DAR ES SALAAM and then on to EUROPE. Alternatively, when gold bars were smuggled, the route was to South America where it was re-melted and put back into the system again. TOERIEN viewed the documents along with Jurg JACOMED (Annexure 15), a self-confessed co-operator with Dr. Wouter BASSON and General Lothar NEETLING. JACOMED, TOERIEN and MALAN met regularly, according to TOERIEN, in regard to SUNROCK.

A South African attorney was arrested in Zambia for gold smuggling; apparently his surname is VAN NIEKERK (Annexure 16- Special Projects Unit Report) and had formed part of the SPECIAL PROJECTS UNIT investigation before it was disbanded amid major controversy. According to members of the disgraced unit they also had evidence of MI involvement. There where also allegations regarding the involvement of Dr. Claudio ANTONI.

The author had personally seen documents that TOERIEN had shown him regarding 872 metric tons of platinum in the trust of Dr Ericson DOMINICK. According to TOERIEN who had received the documentation from JACOMED, DOMINICK was representing Pik BOTHA. Sir Gustav SUSSE (Annexure 17) (born in GERMANY on January 5th, 1943) is the European chancellor of "THE KNIGHTS OF MALTA" (Also see Chapter Five) and President of the Hamstead Trust took over from DOMINICK as manager of Pik BOTHA’s trust.
To summarise the gold smuggling, there should be no doubt that the EAG were involved through the Intelligence machinery.
The schematic illustration below, Figure 4, on the construction of project ODESA was given to the author by TOERIEN:
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Figure 4:

Figure 4 continued:

The foregoing schematic illustration, according to Rudolf WOLLENHAUPT, is about 75% complete. As explained in the preface, the author’s aim with the book is to show the links and not to uncover every detail, because it would cost just too much.

The money that the EAG created is being used from front companies overseas to manipulate the South African economy (if you control the economy you control the government - See Annexure 9). The EAG is capable of manipulating the stock exchange. With the fall of the Rand in 1997, Minister of Finance Trevor MANUAL publicly said that they don't understand what is happening with the Rand.
Another grip the EAG has on the economy is that some of the major black empowerment groups in South Africa receive their money/start-up capital from the EAG. In most cases the persons don't even know where the money is coming from, as in the case of NAZALA INVESTMENTS.
Chris STALS (Former Governor of the South African Reserve Bank), Magnus MALAN (Former Minister of Defence), Barend du PLESSIS (Former Minister of Finance) and Danie CRONJE (Chairman of ABSA) were directly involved with the high yield programs for the EAG, according to Rudi TOERIEN and Col. Dr. Pieter JOUBERT. Both had worked for MI. According to TOERIEN there were various occasions where Magnus and Barend had joined him and Jurg JACOMED regarding SUNROCK.
A disturbing factor regarding the existence of Jurg JACOMED is that when the author told SASS about JACOMED, they said that there is no person such as JACOMED. In his own handwriting TOERIEN gave the author the particulars on JACOMED together with certain ODESA transaction codes.

Schematic illustration (Figure 5) was given to the writer by TOERIEN on ODESA:

Another fascinating link is the involvement of TOERIEN in the DOMA Church. Together with TOERIEN within the Church were Jaques JOUBERT, Gert van ROOYEN and Charles NEWMAN. Jaques JOUBERT and Charles NEWMAN were actively involved with diamond smuggling together with Shai AVISAR (Israeli Mafia), Jerry MEENTZ, Johan ERICKSON (Directly involved with Pik BOTHA and Magnus MALAN in the Erickson’s Diamond House), Brian GOODCAM and Jeffrey RIECHMAN.
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Figure 5:

Advocate Dawie ROSSOUW also told the author that TOERIEN had meetings with Barend DU PLESSIS regarding SUNROCK. A source who is currently (2000) working for SASS in a covert operation in the ADLER group, also confirmed above-mentioned people’s involvement with SUNROCK. Rudolf WOLLENHAUPT had shown the full SUNROCK file to Dirk KRUGER. The author knows WOLLENHAUPT personally and WOLLENHAUPT had shown documents regarding the involvement of BROWN (Director at ABSA) with a front company, "Goldfinger," operating out of BEIRA, Mozambique. It is also important to mention that WOLLENHAUPT told the author that he (WOLLENHAUPT) had received his documentation from Braam ASSIENG, a former VIP personal assistant at NEDBANK, Fox Street.

There are two reasons for the significance of this statement by WOLLENHAUPT. Firstly SUNROCK had its origins at NEDBANK, Fox Street. Secondly, the author in turn had mentioned the name to Luci FIKASECO, Executive Director of CIEX, who in turn mentioned then to the author that NQUCA had approached CIEX to trace Braam ASSIENG. CIEX is being used extensively by the South African Intelligence Services on economic investigations. CIEX Managing Director is Michael OATLEY, the former 2ic of MI6 in Britain, and was co-opted personally by President Thabo MBEKI. CIEX had managed to win blinding trust from the Intelligence community and had financially taken the Intelligence services on various occasions for a ride. CIEX had bought 11 D.I.R.T. software programs from an American company for $2 MILLION each while it was possible to get the same programs in South Africa for about R200 000.
The present government also tried through the disgraced SPECIAL PROJECTS UNIT (SPU) that was set up by Thabo MBEKI, to "uncover" the funds. There is strong evidence that the SPU was only established to uncover and neutralise the leaks. The SPU however had to produce authentic documentation on the subjects to justify themselves. One of the members, Peter GOSSLER, was one of the major players in SUNROCK according to TOERIEN. The information that was generated through SPU was quite accurate and confirmed the author’s stance on the EAG and the economic plan. The problem with SPU was that they had access to all Intelligence reports and they knew where information was coming from regarding SUNROCK and ODESA. After SPU established the targets to neutralise the leaks, SPU became "corrupt" and the investigation was closed down and the economic plan of the EAG was branded as bullshit. In this process TOERIEN became discredited as well. The targets were branded as unreliable criminals; however, none of the targets ever got locked up.
The SPU also filed reports on FW DE KLERK’s involvement in the financial destabilisation actions. The SPU made use of a Greek contact that apparently informed them on the EAG activities and the role of the South African Protégés and Greek communities, including the transfer of large amounts of money to Greece and Portugal (Annexure 18).
Dirk KRUGER gave the following schematic illustration to the author. Dimitri ECON showed it to Dirk KRUGER. Col. Dr. Pieter JOUBERT, a former MI operative, and OSMIUM researcher gave the same illustration to the author while he worked at a MI front, SERENGETI GROUP OF COMPANIES.

Figure 6


Tito MBOWENI, the new Governor of the South African Reserve Bank, also forms the part of the EAG and is just a continuation of the EAG. He is just an extension of Chris STALS. Do people really think that the take-over would have gone that smoothly if there weren’t approval from the people in the business world?

Intelligence operators told the author that there is confirmation of huge amounts of money leaving the country. One person that has been identified is KOSEF of INVESTEC, together with his attorneys. This outflow of money was linked to the EAG by NIA. In one operation KOSEF took R14 million out of the country together with Manny JUDEN and the DAI Group.
There is also evidence of certain advisory reports to Alec ERWIN that have been manipulated to prevent ERWIN instituting changes that could have hampered EAG operations. Alec ERWIN didn't know of this altering, but it did influence his decision.
The Wise Men is actively manipulating inflation-, growth- and other economic- figures to create an impression that the South African economy is sound and well. This is done to protect the Government and the alliance. If the true figures were known they won’t stay in power.

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